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Padel Tennis Contest

Padel Tennis is one of the defining feature of Marbella. This sport, a unique hybrid of tennis and squash, is perfectly suited to Marbella’s year-round pleasant climate, offering a fun, less strenuous alternative suitable for all ages and skills. Marbella’s luxury Padel clubs and facilities are second to none, providing not only top-notch courts but also coaching and vibrant social events. The inclusivity and accessibility of Padel Tennis, combined with Marbella’s luxurious backdrop, make it a preferred activity, embodying the city’s lifestyle of leisure, health, and community. 

On Sunday morning, the Padel Tennis Contest will be hosted by one of the most desirable courts in Marbella.

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To-be-revealed at Marbella, Málaga – Spain

1 contestant registration at the Padel Tennis Contest on 6th October, 2024 morning