Allow the best experts in the aesthetic field accompany and advice you by providing deeper levels of scientific expertise for your projects.
One of our experts can accompany and advice you by providing deeper levels of scientific & business expertise for your developments. You can book as many consultations as needed to efficiently and securely dive into your projects.
Advisory Consultancy Board allows you to tab into a diverse panel of esteemed experts. Comprising a range of 4 to 10 influential key opinion leaders (KOLs), these experts bring forth their extensive experience and knowledge to contribute in a structured and robust discussion with rigorous debate achieving established objectives. Be it a new product launch, market strategy development, formulation of solutions for pertinent challenges, optimisation of patient care or refinement of medical research initiatives, the advisory board serves you as an invaluable resources.
Allow the best experts in the aesthetic field accompany and advice you by providing deeper levels of scientific expertise for your projects.


Obtain your seat to the first 1-day exclusive hands-on class dedicated to Artificial Intelligence upcoming on Jun 29th, 2024 in Thinkin Center Paris, France (presential with hands-on format).

The goal of the AI class is to understand fundamentals of machine learning and its use within our practice. We prepared a specific practical class of machine learning algorithms, which are commonly used in dermatology, plastic surgery and skin care, and of their applications in our daily practice ensuring that they are suitable and relevant tools in our fields. This class will also review the challenges, myths, and limitations of implementing AI in our medical practice and surgeries.

Obtain your badge to the Injectable Summit on October 4th-5th, 2024 in Marbella, Spain.

The Injectable Summit represents the first-ever comprehensive assembly of injectable products in the aesthetic industry ecosystem. From the grassroots of research and trials, manufacturing tasks, regulatory landscapes, and market analysis, culminating in the final product launch to resolve all scientific problems and establish a consensus. It brings together the best scientific research experts and entrepreneur visionaries to explore the highest-level injectable topics, and fuel your professional and business growth

• LEARN Implications of neuromodulators, neurostimulators, all dermal fillers, biostimulators, injecting tools, assist devices, AI products and services, robotics, applied genomics, and personalized medicine.

• GAIN INSIGHTS Latest advancements and trends, radical transformation technologies, present scenario & future prospects of products, and controversy and consensus among KOLs on major scientific questions.

• THOUGHT-PROVOKING Controversial debate and stimulating discussions on legal, sociological, and economic issues in fireside chat, challenging the status quo

• BOOST YOUR NETWORK Opportunity to meet with the world’s leading speakers & PhD scientists, industry top-ranking figures, potential partners, and peers to foster relationships through our unique Partner Speed-Matching platform and social activities: THE GALA and Social Cheers.

• CELEBRATE As a leader in our field, recognize and celebrate speakers, scientists and innovators with us


Obtain your seat to the 2-day exclusive hands-on class Anatomy & Aesthetic Treatments Class with ‘Focus on Simulator Injection and Ultrasonography’ upcoming on May 3rd-4th, 2024, 3rd edition in Dubai (presential with hands-on format).

This class has been carefully planned by the experts and is dedicated to learning and improving your anatomy skills & injection treatments by applying the newest training resources such as ultrasonography and injection simulators.

Follow along as the speakers delve into the science, technology, and diverse aesthetic applications of echographic ultrasounds in plastic surgery and dermatology. Handheld, portable, or fixed ultrasound equipment will be discussed and compared through an in-depth review by worldwide experts. The Advanced Facial Simulator used within the F.A.S.T. method is an innovative 3D printed design by 3D printer used for teaching and learning, in the field of anatomy & injection techniques, a close to real-life experience, applicable for all levels of knowledge.